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Creative and Tailor Made Intelligence Solutions


Competitive Business Intelligence Course


Marketing Insights Not Just Data


Counter Intelligence Services

OTB Intelligence Counter Intelligence

Counter Intelligence

OTB Intelligence Glocalization


OTB Intelligence Investment Intelligence

Investment Intelligence

OTB Intelligence Negotiation Readiness

Negotiation Readiness

OTB Intelligence Market Research

Market Research

OTB Intelligence Surveillance credibility checks

Surveillance and

Credibility Checks

OTB Intelligence WEBINT Cyber

WEBINT & Cyber

OTB Intelligence Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Counter Intelligence

Counter Intelligence Services 
Learn how to avoid industrial espionage

We're not looking for a "Win Win" Situation. We're looking for YOU to WIN
Negotiation Strategies

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Business Intelligence Course
Unique and real Final Project 
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Competitive Strategic Advantage

Insights Not Just Data

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We provide two types of solutions; Competitive Intelligence

and Counter Intelligence.

If your business needs an extra insight we provide Market Research, Glocalization Services, Negotiation Readiness, Investment Intelligence, Consulting and yearly escort.
If your business needs an extra protective layer, we provide Counter Intelligence programs, lectures and trainings so you and your employees would know what to avoid and what to trust.

Our Team

Our team of research and intelligence experts specialise in tailor made research solutions for Businesses, Investments, Political Personnel and Governments. 
OTB team consists of highly educated and experiences individuals that are 'over qualified' to handle any business question or problem.

We're located in Tel Aviv, Israel, but serve customers worldwide!
Join Our Team
If you're interested in Context and not just the text, we would be glad to have you on our consulting team. 
OTB Intelligence Ltd. looks for smart and innovative personnel from all the knowledge spectrum. If you are an excellent academic, innovative creator, highly skilled military or intelligence veteran- We can interest you in our projects.



  • WEBINT Analyst (Clearnet & Dark Web); Part-time/Freelance.

  • Economy/IR Analyst; Academic, Innovative, Experienced.

  • Part-time Analyst/ Data Miner; 25%, Limited Length Project. 

Send us your resume for more details.

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