Competitive Intelligence Services

Not just Data. Insights! 

Market Research

Market Research and Intelligence Gathering

We provide solutions such as OSINT and HUMINT information gathering, Company and Liaisons structures, PEST Analysis, SWOTs, Analysis of competition, threats and potential, Briefings.


Investment Intelligence

We provide an up to date intelligence assessment for funds, private equity and large scale investment programs. 

Unlike any other investment analysis, we gather intelligence on the investment objects and conclude whether it is worth the risk. 


Counter Intelligence

Our experts will help you learn how to protect your business and your employees from exploitation and mainly from other Competitive Intelligence companies and industrial espionage.

We offer guidance, lectures and training on Counter Intelligence methods specifically adapted from the Intelligence world to the Business world.



Surveillance services provided worldwide by experts while using only legal methods.

We cover Covert & Overt Investigations, exposure of corruption, data leakages, credibility checks, search for business pressure points, leverages and decelerators as well as social media footprint analysis.



Negotiation Readiness

Know who you are dealing with! Know what to ask!

We prepare our clients and executives for negotiations by providing crucial information to increase benefits.

We deliver market briefs, information on the other side, pressure points and business leverages.


We also establish a 'War Room' to escort negotiations LIVE. 




Adapt your products worldwide! ​ Make your product, services or even entire company ready for your next big market. ​ With different cultures, legal systems and regulations worldwide and even pricing and customer behaviour, we provide an adaptive Market research enabling you to enter new markets. 


WEBINT & Cyber

Web Intelligence gathered online within all scopes of the web:

  • Clearnet Analysis

  • Deep & Dark Web Analysis

  • Agent Networks

  • Secure Services & Anonymity 


Cyber Security

Protection of Networks and Devices from threats, attacks and phishing attempts:

  • Network Security

  • Operational Security

  • End-user education and guidance